Facts about Hair Follicle Drug Testing

Hair drug testing helps in analyzing the drug that is found in the hair shaft instead of the body fluid like saliva or urine. Hair follicle testing is greatly resistant to substituting or adulterating samples in comparison to other drug testing methods. This method of drug testing measures the drug metabolites and molecules that are entrapped in the hair shafts that is incorporated after ingestion. This technology has greater ability to detect drugs.

Who are Making Use of Hair Follicle Drug Testing?

Many corporations are making of this test for screening applicants and thereby perform a random drug test on an employee. This drug testing method is also used by students for staying drug-free. Courts are also using the hair follicle drug testing method for parole, probation, and diversionary programs.

How to Pass a Hair Drug Test?

If you do drugs that the question of how to pass a hair sample drug test might be bothering you. You might fear getting caught by your employers and lose your job. However, here are some simple ways to prevent it.

Stop Doing Drugs for 100 Days- One of the simplest and easiest way to pass the hair follicle test is to stop doing drugs 100 days before the test. However, this might not be possible if you do have hundred days in hand.

Shave Your Hair- The drug takes around 5-7 days to get into the hair. You can shave off the hair on your body and head. The new hair that grows will not have any traces of drug. However, you should be careful to shave it only 5 days prior to the drug test.

Use a Detox Shampoo- If you do not want to shave your head then you can use a detox shampoo. However, there are handful numbers of hair detox shampoos that actually work.