Nine objects that you can decorate easily with a 3D printing pen

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You can decorate certain things for fun using a 3D printing pen and enjoy make art objects. Some people have a misconception that 3D pens are meant for kids only. On the other hand, you can decorate things that you use in your daily life easily. Here are some objects that you can decorate using a 3D printing pen. Get best deal on 3D pens here

Pen Holder

If you have an AGM with the company officials and the CEO had given you an executive pen. If you are carrying the pen around, you may end up losing your pen. To avoid such situations, you can use 3D printing pens decorate and design a pen holder. You can even design your pen in similar fashion to make it look special.

Book Mark

If you love reading books, you always need a bookmark while you are reading them.  A bookmark is another object that you can design using 3D pen. If you are using a standard bookmark, it may be destroyed by dust or water. In case it gets dirty, it becomes difficult to clean it. After decorating it with a 3D pen, you can easily clean your bookmark using water as it is more durable.

Office organizer

Forget about the standard and usual office organizer that you have been using for ages when you can decorate it to make more stylish using a 3D printing pen. You can choose to decorate your office organizer the way you want to.

Letter opener

Though letter writing is not as common as it used to be in the past, you still receive certain documents from different companies. Similarly, some companies also send bills or emergency documents through the mail, so all you need is a letter opener. You can also decorate your letter opener with the help of a 3D printing pen.