Pokémon Pros- Selling Pokémon Go accounts and minting money

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Pokémon Go is a game that helps its players enjoy the game and have fun while playing the game. The players who want to level up in the game always look for Pokémon Go accounts offered by many Pokémon pros, who sell these accounts for thousands of pounds through various online platforms.

Players who wish to reduce the efforts to play Pokémon Go and capture rare Pokémon often pay Pokemon pros to do it on their behalf. The craze continues and with Pokémon Go accounts being sold on various auction sites for a huge sum despite the rules and regulation of Nintendo.

The accounts with rare Pokémon and high level trainers promise the players to defeat other players in the battle and conquer Gyms without going around streets to capture Pokémon for say weeks.

The accounts you get on auction sites are also sold by experienced users who put in time and efforts to make the game easier for you. They are mostly college students or people under debt who often sell their Pokémon Go accounts to make some money to clear their debts.

The Pokémon professionals also sell their accounts on hourly basis which can cost you around $20-30/per hour. Some professional players also quit their job to play full time.

Everyone who loves to be in the game for a long time or to win the game, they often approach professionals who sell accounts with everything that a player needs to level up in the game. Some players also ask the professionals to play on their behalf in order to win the game.

It is easy to start from a higher level rather than struggling to achieve the level. Some players aren’t interested in reaching a higher level through experience; rather they prefer buying account from a trusted source.