Replace iPhone Glass in case the LCD is intact

When you buy an iPhone from a showroom, you treat your phone carefully like it is made of glass. But it is not completely true and as days pass, the owner gets a set of scratches on his/her iPhone. Finally, one day you drop your phone on the floor and the sound post drop echoes in your room. Now the question is your phone alive or dead?

Earlier, when iPhone was a new device in the market, the basic damage like cracked screen was treated with immediate concern. Today, it is just like a common problem that can be tackled easily. Now, the iPhone users don’t need to have the guilty feeling as you can send you phone to an iphone repair service centre. Also, you can repair it on your own.

Firstly, make sure you check whether the screen of your iPhone is working or not. If it is working, then it means that the LCD is also working, which is a good news. When you noticed a cracked screen with display still working, that means LCD is still working and is not damaged. In such cases, your iPhone glass needs replacement. If you are not able to switch on the display or if it is not working, this indicates that both exterior and interior screens are ruptured.

So, you need to replace both LCD and glass screen to enable proper functioning of your iPhone. While you can easily get replacement for glass screen at any iPhone repair shop, the replacement of LCD needs a little bit of attention.

If you are mobile savvy and have the right knowledge, you can easily replace the glass screen of your iPhone yourself. In order to do the replacement on your own, you need to visit a store that provides replacement parts for iPhone and also buy exterior glass screen that is available for the iPhone model you are using.

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