Things You Need to Know About Steeping Your E-Juice

E-liquids consist of a mixture of vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol, flavor extracts, and optional juice of nicotine. Some flavor mix might have a negative impact on the flavor the vaping liquid.

A freshly made e-liquid will require time to mellow before it is used for obtaining optimal flavor. By the process of steeping, you will be able to unlock the deepest flavors of the e-liquid. Steeping allows the ingredients of ejuice to combine and spread out evenly throughout the liquid.

What Does Steeping Do?

Steeping is the process by which the different ingredients of the e-liquids like the PG, Vg, flavors, and nicotine juice bond. At the same time, it also absorbs oxygen. This can change the appearance of the e-liquid along with the chemical make of the liquid. If you replace more volatile elements which can trigger off the notes in the oxygen flavor that offers a more uniform profile.

To explain in simple words, steeping is similar to oxidation. This process is most effective with complex and deep flavors like those that are custom blended.

Personal Taste Matters

Steeping the e-liquid is the fastest way by which you will be able to bring out the flavor of the e-liquid. Of course, the preference of flavors might differ from one person to another. What you take to be a completely steeped bottle might not be the same for someone else. This is the reason you have to check the e-liquid you are steeping from time to time for checking the flavor.

Ways to Steep E-Liquids

There are different methods to steep an e-liquid for bringing out the qualities of better ejuice. You can experiment with the different process to find out which works the best. The simplest way is to take a new bottle of e-liquid, remove the cap and the plastic wrapping, and thereafter store in a cool and dry place for few days.