What Is Gamification?

Gamification represents integrating gaming mechanics such as design, rules, point scoring, etc, into non-gaming website, service, content, or business strategies in general. In the core of this phenomenon is the idea of game logic being the optimal tool for engaging one’s attention and involving participants in certain content or service. Because games have the ability to almost effortlessly move people to actions, gamification is becoming a holy grail among marketing and business strategies. It takes into account all aspects of the gaming experience, such as active participation, achievement awards and feeling of an excitement and enjoyment related to all of this. Accordingly, users of certain service or employers of the company become players, active participants fully engaged and involved, rather than passive consumers of represented content.


What Does Gamification Aim For?

The powerful idea behind Gamification phenomenon strikes and arouses human motivation better than any other. It is because it’s based on the strategy of pursuing someone to action by not forcing them to do anything. The force comes from the individual feeling of motivation and inner need for self-improvement and achievement. Simply put it is the mechanism of internalizing reasons one acts the certain way. It is very important, however, in the concept of Gamification to make this complex structure of motivating people to act as they feel the need to, lasts. The studies have shown that the weakest link in this cause is free stuff. And the strongest ones are those that keep the game going, such as personal and professional achievements that provide people power and access to certain things they wouldn’t have if they hadn’t participated.